The machine learning field evolves every day. As a machine learning educator, I would be remiss if I did not also continue to learn. I decided to spend 30 minutes learning or practicing each day, and I also decided to create a public learning journal to hold my self accountable.

The journal entries are published daily. Each entry highlights what I was trying to learn, which resources I used to learn, and which resources I found to be most effective in grasping the idea. I will also publish any artifacts I create in the process. Each entry takes a bite out of data science knowledge.

You will often find me reviewing many concepts that I teach. For my students that will inevitably stumble on this journal, I hope you find the realization that I am not a machine learning oracle refreshing. I also hope you find the resources I highlight useful and that this site can help you learn faster.

For other educators, vulnerability with your students is essential. You are merely a few steps further along a journey than your students. Always remember where you started. I’m still hoping I see my students run past me.

You can find the site here:


Technical Matters

Markdown, Hugo, Github, and AWS Amplify all power Daily DailyDataBytes. The stack is identical to this site.

In the future, I will be modifying the Hugo theme of DailyDataBytes to be stylistically consistent with this site.

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